Take Charge of Your Life and Shatter Expectations!

Are you ready to break through your glass ceiling and finally achieve your career dreams?

I’ll show you how to leverage my proven process to get promoted faster in my new book C-4 Leadership!

Learn the exact strategies I used to navigate the corporate ladder and gain a seat at the leadership table.

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What People Are Saying

What a terrific read! C-4 is chock-full of insights on how to ignite your career. Winton nails it!

Rob Carter Executive Vice President & Chief Information Officer, FedEx Corporation

“Chris Winton, is a masterful storyteller who knows how to capture the readers’ attention with sensational real life experiences and an amazing framework that can assist and propel you in your life. This is a must read if you want to continue to charter the course for your career and grow as a leader, mom, dad, brother, sister, or individual. The stories are so vivid, which allows the reader to continue to reflect on your own personal journey. A must read!”

Cisco Sanchez IT SVP & CIO FedEx Ground

I’ve read a plethora of personal growth books over the years. However, the practical insights, learnings and wisdom that Chris Winton expounds in this book is game changing. I call it “Winsdom” (Winton Wisdom).

Thanh Anderson Vice-President, Human Resources, FedEx Logistics

Enjoy a Life of Significance!

Here’s a little secret—it’s possible to gain a seat at the C-suite leadership table if you have the right tools. But all too often, what holds you back is you

If you are willing to shatter your expectations and take charge, you can: 

  • Break through the pain of passive leadership,
  • Decide where you want to succeed and craft a plan to get there, and
  • Enjoy the reward of living your leadership journey and making a significant impact on others. 

Ready to stop settling for excuses and change the trajectory of your life? Unlock the explosive power of C-4 Leadership!

Through purposeful application, I have watched my team go from an effective group of team members, to a highly successful and admired team of professionals leading their peers and business partner to the highest levels of interconnectedness and achievement. I have also used the C-4 Approach in my personal life where I find that my family listens and communicates better, is more connected and closer than ever before. I am a true believer of this wonderful method!

Alyssa Molina Director, Human Resources

“The C-4 Approach lets Chris Winton transfer his unique success to others. Buckle your seatbelt, because you are in for one of the greatest rides of your life!”

Anthony M. Flynn Founder & CEO Of AmazingCEO.com

Chris ignites excitement and creates opportunities of hope in people where they can realize their potential. He did it for me and I’m excited to see him put it into a book for others to use.

Dr. Mario Brown Chief Talent Development Officer, First Horizon Bank

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