Chris Winton is a dynamic leader, speaker, author and coach with twenty years of experience shattering expectations in corporate America.

He currently serves as Vice President of Human Resources for FedEx Services, the information technology, sales and marketing arm of the world’s largest transportation company.

As a senior human resources executive, Winton provides strategic direction to recruit, develop and retain a highly talented and diverse global workforce.

From IT Intern to HR VP

Winton began his career at FedEx more than 20 years ago as an IT Intern and progressed to Director of IT Operations before transitioning to HR and assuming his current role as Vice President.

Winton was recently recognized by the Memphis Business Journal as one of the city’s “Top 40 Leaders Under 40” for his body of work in workforce development.

His energetic approach has brought Winton to the forefront of media attention. He has worked with two White House administrations on creating employment pathways for underserved communities and appeared on C-SPAN to discuss scaling such programs.

Chris was honored in HRO Today with the Cream of the Crop award for his work with companies such as Google to leverage AI and machine-learning to helping job seekers find jobs specifically tailored to their needs.

Chris and his wife Coleshia live in Memphis, Tennessee with their two children, Jordyn and Jaden.

The C-4 Leadership Approach

Over my twenty years working for a Fortune 50 company (FedEx), I’ve learned how to connect with nearly anyone—from the frontline workers who ship packages to the C-suite leadership in the executive boardroom.

After seventeen years in IT, I made the jump to HR that surprised a lot of people. That jump helped me align my profession with my passion. I did it by using the very principles I now teach. 

I get to impact people every day using the C-4 Leadership Approach I learned along the way: 

  1. Consume. By helping you change what you consume, I can help you think like a shareholder and treat your business/leadership as your own company. This change will impact your results. 
  2. Connect. By helping you connect the dots, I’ll help you think like an entrepreneur. You’ll tear down the silos that keep you segmented from other people and become a valuable resource in your organization.
  3. Communicate. By helping you improve your communication skills, I’ll teach you the power of story and how to create a universal language that cuts across, age, gender, and socioeconomic levels to speak the truth and inspire action. 
  4. Coach. By teaching you to coach others, I’ll show you how to invest in the people around you and pull them upward to become their best. This rewards you and the other people you help to grow.

“C-4 Leadership provides a simple to understand, yet prolific pathway to success for anyone looking to shatter the glass ceiling in life or business. Having known Chris for more than 20 years, I have literally watched him exemplify this model in his own life and develop the C-4 Approach for transferring his unique success to others. When you work with Chris, buckle your seatbelt because you are in for one of the greatest rides of your life!”

Anthony M. Flynn Founder & CEO Of AmazingCEO.com

“Chris has earned the right to share his story. I have enjoyed knowing Chris for 15 years and watching his rise from individual contributor to an executive in a global Fortune 50 company.

Over 25 years, I’ve had the opportunity to listen to many employee groups talk about their executive leadership when those leaders are not around— it is not always in the most glowing of terms. But when you talk to people in Chris’ org about him they absolutely light up! I believe the key reason for this is the priority he has put on mentoring and developing people. His team is proud to be associated with him. Chris has figured out that when you put capable people in a focused and intentional culture they produce remarkable results.

Chris Winton has something important to say about leadership. I encourage you to listen!”

Daren Howard Managing Partner, Dale Carnegie Training Of The Mid-South